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Getting Reward by CoC Game Completing Achievements

On clash of the clans, you are not just building your town. You can also join with a clan and be stronger with them. But however,you cannot strengthen your town or your clan without the strong troops or fort. And to make it tall, you need a vital item that called gems. Getting gems can be made by many ways. But if you want to get it by achieving something, so it is the time to complete the achievements.

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Understanding the Achievements

Achievement is such an honor. In the other case, its pride is just like a reputation or a level. When you get the high achievement, it feels like being more respected by the enemies or the allies. Overall, there are 22 achievements in coc game. Each achievement has 3 levels. To unlock the second one, you have to complete the first one. And in each achievement level, there is a reward.

The clash of clan clan names of achievement start from Bigger Coffers. From here, there are more achievements include Get those Goblins, Bigger & Better, Nice and Tidy, Release the Beasts, Gold Grab, Elixir Escapade, Sweet Victory, Empire Builder, Wall Buster, Humiliator, Union Buster, Conqueror, Unbreakable, Friend in Need, Mortar Mauler, Heroic Heist, League All-Star, X-Bow Exterminator, Firefighter, War Hero and Spoils of War.

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Gems and Experience on Bigger Coffers Achievement

By completing each achievement, you can get experience and gems as the reward. The amount of the experience and the gems are depending on the achievement and the level. For example, Bigger Coffers achievement can be obtained by upgrading a Gold Storage. On the level 1, you just need to upgrade the level to level 2 and obtain 10 experience and 2 gems. But on the level 2, you have to upgrade it up to level 5. The reward will increase by the level. In level 2 Bigger Coffers achievement, the reward is 100 experience and 5 gems. On the level 3 achievement, the challenge is getting more serious. You have to increase the Gold Storage to level 10 to get 1,000 experience and 10 gems. Unfortunately, there is no clash of  clans gold elixir here.

Gems can also be obtained with a hack tool. You can get clash of clans hack tool download free in a certain site. With a hack tool, you can get the gems or even elixir much easier. Of course, it allows you to strengthen the troops and the clan easier too.




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