Clash of the Clans


clash of the clans

clash of the clans

Leading a Clan to the Glory in Clash of the Clans

There must have been a lot of people who heard about Clash of the Clans. This freemium game was first released back then in 2012 after the game tested in the closed beta. Being a freemium means that game players will be able to play the game for free. However, if players wish to get better items for the games, they need to pay for a certain amount of money. Clash of the Clans is a very charming freemium despite the fact that the game play can’t be considered as unique or new. However, it deserves recognition in several parts especially because it’s able to capture many people’s attention.

A Bit of Introduction to the Game Play

Clash of the Clans is a world-building game where the game player will need to play the role of a leader for a tribe or clan. As the leader, game players will be asked to build, populate and later expand the village that looks like a small camp at the beginning. Collect necessary resources and govern the tribe from the town hall. Prepare the village and the tribe for the upcoming wars at the higher levels. When game players hit high levels, they will be able to send warriors to take over other clans’ or tribe’s properties.

One Step at a Time

clash of the clans
clash of the clans

Clash of the Clans in a nutshell is a simple game of building towns, populate it and defend it from the upcoming attacks and in addition to that, game players will also be able to attack other players. The one thing that will be needed by every game player is patience. Clash of the Clans requires patience as well as good strategy in managing the village including how to counter enemies’ attacks and how to attack back. Despite being simple, building a solid tribe will take time and for some people, it might as well cost money.

In every battle of Clash of the Clans, game players need to seek and use skills. The very first battles are easy and players might thing of the game lightly. However, as game players reach higher levels, there will be more things to be considered in every battle. The premise of the game is not new. As the matter of fact, it has been done for numerous times. So, what exactly makes Clash of the Clans a very engaging game? It is most likely how well the clichéd premise and game play being polished and executed. With the good concept of art and game play, this hack game continues become an engaging game for millions of people.



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