clash of clans gold elixir

Gold and Elixir Reward from Trophy Leagues

If you want to get a lot of gold and elixir on clash of the clans, you have to consider Trophy Leagues. Trophy Leagues are the players or groups in the same trophy range. Winning this league will lead the winner to get the great awards. The win bonus is depending on the league level. On the higher level, you can get the higher bonuses as well.

Join a League clash of clans strategy

Players can join a league by completing on multiplayer attack. At the end of the attack, you will be placed to the appropriate league automatically. But your coc game trophy count must be higher than 400. You can reach the higher league by increasing the trophy range. But if your trophy range is getting low, you may demoted to the lower league as well. For this, you have to increase your performance regularly strategy.

Overall the leagues are classified into 6 levels. From the lowest level, there is Bronze, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Master and Champion. On each level, there are 3 more levels except the Champion level. You can start the league from Bronze III. Although this is just the lowest trophy league level, you can get 600 gold and 600 elixir as the win bonus. The clash of clans gold elixir bonuses are so depending on the league level. On the top league or the champion league, the win bonuses are 180,000 gold and 180,000 elixir. But you need 3,200 trophy range or more to be placed in this league level.

clash of clans gold elixir hunting
clash of clans gold elixir hunting


The End of the League Season

When the trophy league under the clash of clan clan names ends? There are several conditions that lead the game to the end. The first one is when you are unranked. In this condition, you will be automatically end the league. Your badge will be replaced with the empty badge. The league seasons will last for 2 weeks. All of them will reset every Monday at the midnight. You can also see how much time you have on the league by clicking on the trophy icon. You can see this icon on the top of the main screen.

Getting gold and elixir from trophy league is pretty fun. It is challenging as well. But however, it feels pretty difficult for the most people. There is another way to get gold and elixir the way better. You can get clash of clans hack tool download free for this. It is also simpler than winning the league.





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