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Clash of the Clans the Best Attack Strategy

Strategy Attack

On the game such as clash of the clans, winning the war or the battle is the main achievement. Players want to be the best on the game. But of course, it needs the best strategy to win the game. There are the various attack strategies. You can make it by yourself or learning it from the other players. But if you expect for the best attack strategy, you have to consider this one.

What You Need in the Games Hack Clash of the Clans Strategy 

In the best attack strategy, you will need the best troops. The recommended army composition is 10 dragons with Barbarian King as the hero. The higher level is better. With the high level Barbarian King, the possibilities to win the coc game battle will be much better. You also need 2 rage spells plus a healing spell or 3 lighting spell. Three rage spell is also good for this strategy. For the clan castle unit, you can use a dragon, wizards or archers.

Before taking this strategy, you have to know this. This strategy will work better on a certain condition. It is effective to use against TH8 players, especially for 3 star low mid of TH8 players or the high level of TH8 players with exposed air defense. You can use it to attack 2 star low TH9 players with the poor air defense as well as 3 star TH9 players with over exposed air defense and under leveled as well. One thing to note, this strategy does not effective for 3 star fully maxed TH8 with the intelligent base design. In this situation, you need the other strategy under clash of clan clan names.


The Attack Strategy

coc_game_clan_nameThe top priority in this strategy is destroying the air defense tower. You have to place the dragons on the location of the air defense tower. It will be better to start the attack with a few dragons. Be sure to focus the attack to the center of the base instead of chasing non-defensive buildings such as army camps, barrack or resource collector. After that, you can start to launch the other dragons to win the war and get clash of clans gold elixir.

With the powerful armies, this strategy will be costly. You need about 300k up to 360k elixir for this. Of course it will be pretty difficult to get enough resource. But you can get it much easier with clash of clans hack tool download free. With this tool, there is nothing to worry.





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